Creativity: looking for the muses

When do we come up with our best ideas? How do we have them? Can we all be creative? I had never deeply thought about creativity as a concept, until I recently had to attend to a workshop focused on this issue.

I am pretty skeptical about this type of workshops. Lately, there are too many workshops related to personal growth and most of them are not very practical. Besides, I don´t trust some coaches because I believe that they just try to sell you their life philosophy.

However, I was glad to find that some people take their job seriously, so I was capable of learning, having a good time and enjoying the originality of the workshop.

During the workshop we practiced different activities. We worked in groups that changed depending on the exercises. We played Word Association; made up a story; tried to build a square with various geometric shapes, without communicating; invented the objects that we could create mixing a pot and a watch; danced; relaxed; and drew what the workshop had meant to us.

What we tried to teach us is that creativity is linked to feelings. When we are more relaxed and more comfortable with ourselves, we are more creative. They also explained that usually the best ideas come at night, in bed, because the body and the mind are more relaxed.

Thinking about my most creative moments I discovered that, at least in my case, they were right. Many times when I’m half asleep, I found the solution to a problem I’ve been worrying about the whole day. The shower, another relax situation, is also linked to creativity.

In the workshop, they also taught us that we are more creative in an environment where we can express our ideas freely and without any restrictions.

When you are writing creativity is essential to look for new topics, other approaches … Learning that you can work on it and getting clues about how to push it is really helpful. Maybe, from now on, finding the muses will be easier.



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