I want to earn a thousand euros (at least)

A few weeks ago TVE1 broadcasted on its program ‘Comando actualidad’ a story about the salaries in Spain. The team travelled to different regions to ask citizens how much did they earn and if they consider their salaries fair.

Extremadura is one of the regions with lower salaries and the majority of its citizens admitted to earn less than a thousand euros per month. However, almost all were satisfied with this amount and with the standard of living that it allowed them. This positivism amazed me. Am I being too exigent or are we surrounded by conformists?

The last issue of the ‘XL Semanal’ magazine contains an article about to the so-called PIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland/Italy, Greece and Spain) in which the situation of these states and the economy of their families are analyzed. The report points out that one of the recommendations that the International Monetary Fund has made to Spain is the reduction of wages as a measure of internal devaluation. And it offers another striking fact: the average wage in our country is half compared to the United Kingdom.

It is true that the CPI also varies depending on the country or, in the case of Spain, the region, but this variation is not comparable with the wage gap. Or at least that’s my perception as a consumer.

I was in college when I first heard the term mileurista. It referred to a generation of graduates whose salaries were around a thousand euros. I remember that, due to my ignorance, I thought that it wasn´t a bad amount to begin with because it would increase as time went by. Nowadays, after observing the job market, I consider that the mileuristas are very lucky, even if they have been working for years. In this situation the words of an English friend come to my mind. Talking about her job search she explained to me that she didn´t accept offers below a certain amount because she was a graduated. I keep wondering if with the crisis that we are suffering I am too demanding or we are mired in conformity.

The job search topic could be used as an argument for a horror movie. Companies seek very experienced workers or workers with no experience at all. It seems that you can only be a director or an intern. If we continue this way we are going to be interns until we turn sixty.

After several job interviews, I understand how actors and musicians may feel when they are promoting their work. I have learned my CV by heart and I have developed automatic answers to issues like my choice of career and where would I like to focus my professional future. So far the only question that has knocked me out was: “do you consider yourself a nerd?”

Under the title ‘Generación noqueada’ the magazine ‘El Pais Semanal’, in its issue of March 14th, examines the employment situation of young people in this country. The report gives a frightening fact: two of every three jobs that are lost in the euro area correspond to a person under 35 living in Spain.

The future seems quite black around here. I´ll better leave the idea of becoming independent, buying a house… for another post.



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