Let´s go to the beach

We called “tannorexic” to a person who is addicted to the sun or to being tanned. Many times I’ve identified myself with this concept, but, fortunately, my love for the sun doesn´t reach the limits of becoming me an addict.

I love being tanned. Everyone seems healthier and prettier with some colour on their skin. However, I’ve never been to the solarium and I have no intention of visiting one. Besides, I also believe that you must protect your skin when you´re exposed to the sun.

Anyway, getting tanned gradually and with protection is a job that involves long hours of effort and about which I could offer some tips. But this is not the purpose of this post.

You can lie under the sun in a field, near a river in a pool, on a terrace…, but there´s no place like the beach. Obviously, this is a totally subjective opinion and the beach, like everything else in life, has many detractors. Some of them accuse it of being overcrowded, and others, as my beloved grandmother, believe that “there is too much sand” out there.

In my opinion, there´s no place like the beach. I´ve spent all my summers in Cantabria, so I feel oppressed when I visit the most touristic Mediterranean beaches. I´m not used to stick my towel to my neighbour´s and to not being able to go for a walk on the shore, because it´s crowded.

The beach is synonymous of open space, of hours going by slowly. Since the morning, with all its activities (chatting, going for a walk, playing games, swimming in the sea…), until the sunset, when is getting dark and you find yourself talking about old stories with your friends.

It also means exercise, which is a thing that I rarely do. It means playing tennis, going for a walk on the shore and swimming in the sea. This makes me feel a bit fitter than the rest of the year.

And then there are the seasons. The winter, with its cold sea breeze, that freezes your face. The spring, with its sunshine, which brings you a pleasant warmth. The summer, and the sun in its best form, and the autumn, with the sunshine that you almost don´t feel.

The beach means clean air and a state of relaxation that always brings me back there. That´s why I say: let´s go to the beach!



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