Musicals, singing in the theatre

Lately, I’ve heard that musicals are living their golden age again. This type of theatre, in which characters sing and dance, is fashionable.

I´m a fan of musicals. Since I saw the film ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ I´ve loved this kind of spectacle. Besides, musicals are very attractive for young people, who usually seem to be more reluctant to go to the theatre.

I have decided to review the musicals that I’ve seen. The first musical that I attended to was ‘Grease’, represented in Bilbao and with Edurne, the former contestant of ‘Operación Triunfo’, in the role of Sandy. The experience wasn´t positive. The songs, translated to Spanish, seemed artificial and the kind of language that they used, trying to imitate the American slang, sounded awful.

However, my next experience was totally different. I went to see ‘Hoy no me puedo levantar’, the musical of Mecano, created by Nacho Cano, and I loved it. Remembering the songs of this legendary group was great. The story, in some points, didn´t seem very logical, as it often happens with the musicals, but, in general, it showed very well what must have been the “movida madrileña”.

After ‘Hoy no me puedo levantar’, I went to see ‘Sweeney Todd’ at a small theater in Madrid. I haven´t watch Tim Burton´s film and I thought that the story was terribly funny and bizarre. The gore details were hilarious and the actors fit perfectly in their roles.

During my time in London, I watched several musicals. ‘Chicago’ was the first play I attended in a foreign country. I had seen the film, starring Richard Gere, Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones, a long time ago and I remembered some parts of the plot. I liked it and I had an awesome time at the theatre, because my friends had problems following the story in English and this leaded to funny situations, that unnerved a bit the viewers that were sitting near us.

‘Wicked’, represented in the Apollo Victoria Theatre, was my second London experience and is my favourite musical so far. The story is the same as in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, but in ‘Wicked’ they show the point of view of the Witch of the West. The scenery and the costumes are impressive, but the argument is certainly the best thing of the musical. The songs are beautiful and ‘Defying Gravity’ has become a world hit. I hope to attend again to this representation.

‘Spring Awakening’ tells a story based on the German society of the XIX century. The characters are a group of young people and through their vital issues they reflect the taboos of that period. It is interesting, but too dramatic.

My last experience, so far, has been the ’40 el musical’, where we were very lucky, because our tickets were sold twice and, as we couldn´t sit there, they moved us to the eighth row. The songs are the best thing of this play. They are a mixture of 90´s pop hits and the current ones. It is impossible not to sing, and I knew almost all the songs. The plot is entertaining, but quite weak.

While I decide which is the next musical that I´ll be attending to I share the video of ‘Defying gravity’.



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