The shortness of life

I don´t aim to give a depth appearance to the blog with this post, but, lately, there have been three deaths that have caused me a strong impact.

First it was the death of an employee of Santander Bank. Her name was Estela Carducho, she was 25 and worked as a cashier at a bank in Cambrils. The 25th of October, two robbers entered the office and, apparently, they fired their gun accidentally. The bullet impacted the tray that is used to put the money on and, after that, it hit Estela´s neck, causing her death.

Also on October 25th, which was a really dark day, Ana Isabel AB, a 31-year-old woman from Galdakao, died in Bilbao after a piece of a building fall right into her head when she was walking in the street.

The lack of luck is amazing in both cases. Two healthy young women died the same day, without previous notice and in the most stupid way. It makes you think and consider how short is life sometimes.

The third case that has caused me a strong impact has been Andy Irons´s death. Andy Irons was World Surfing Champion in 2002, 2003 and 2004. In the moment of his death, the 2nd of November, he was 32, was married and his wife was seven months pregnant with their first child. The official version says that he died because he had dengue, although some rumours suggest that his death could be caused by a methadone overdose.

I would like to think that his death was an accident, because Irons was my favourite surfer. I´m not an expert in this sport, but I enjoy watching the spectacular things that professionals are capable of doing with a surfboard.

Since 1999, the Billabong Pro Mundaka has allowed us to enjoy the best surfers around the world. This year the competition hasn´t been celebrated, and it´s unknown whether it will be in the surfing league, the ASP World Tour, in 2011. So, for now, we will have to remember the experiences that we lived there.

I first visited Mundaka, and its left wave, in October 2003. I had never seen a professional surf competition before and the atmosphere impressed me. There were lots of bohemian people who travelled around the world searching for the best waves. Who wouldn´t feel the envy?

I came back in 2004, on a day when it was raining heavily. I almost couldn´t see anything. However, I was really lucky, because, during the brief time I was there, I was able to watch the performance of Andy Irons. I saw him make an impossible move. Where anyone would have fallen under the wave, he managed to stay on the board.

I’m not saying that Irons is the best surfer in the world. But, I have never seen anyone achieving what I saw him achieve that day. That made him my favourite.

2006 was the last year that I went to Mundaka. When I arrived the surfers were signing some posters, and Irons was among them. I got the poster with the autographs of all and, since then, it hangs on the wall of my room. I also took the first picture that illustrates this post.

Irons’s death was so sudden that surprised me and left a bitter taste on my mouth. I will remember him as the only one who could continue surfing that wave.



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