You are stressing me!

Who hasn´t heard of stress as a cause quitting job? I know many jokes about workers allegedly stressed that use this illness as a pretext for not working.

Stress, like any other psychological disease, it´s difficult to diagnose because the patient can always lie to the doctor and the doctor has no way of probing it. However, this illness causes physical symptoms in its severest cases, such as ulcers, high blood pressure, intestinal disorders and heart diseases.

In the past two years, 58% of the companies have seen the work stress increased among their employees, according to a study made by Regus, a provider of solutions for the workspace. This fact reaches 64% in SMEs and 60% in multinationals.

As the report reveals, the major causes of work stress are the threat losing the job, the excessive work load, monotony and the lack of autonomy and support from colleagues.

I must confess that I was quite sceptical about diseases as stress and anxiety until I started meeting people who are suffering them. I can´t put myself in their shoes and imagine what it feels like, but I know that there are an illnesses that cause a lot of suffering and, as with any psychological problem; the cure is slow and difficult.

Experts advise planning the schedules correctly, making make short breaks and getting plenty of sleep as measures to fight work stress.

Last week I potentially felt how suffering this illness would be like. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had a work load that I couldn´t cover. When I realized of it I felt nervous, I had a lot of pain in my stomach and I spent the day under lots of pressure. Fortunately, it was only one day, but it was enough to get an idea of what people suffering with this disease may feel. And it’s something that I don´t wish to anyone.

Later on, analyzing the whole issue, I wondered why stress and anxiety have increased so much recently. Is the rhythm of everyday life so fast that we can´t even take a break? Next Monday, back at work, we were talking about what we had done during the weekend, sharing all the activities that we had been practicing, when a colleague told us that she hadn´t done anything special. We all looked at her thinking that she had been wasting her time, but now I´m wondering if she was the only one who really did something worthy with her weekend.



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